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New York's state and local taxes are some of the highest in the nation. This puts our state at a competitive disadvantage, and drives away businesses and jobs. New Yorkers are taxed far too much and we demand relief. Cutting taxes by 10% will benefit every New Yorker in every area of the state including the poor and working class. The cuts will also help fuel the economic boom we need to save our State from insolvency.






October 16,2008

AT&T Property Sold

AT&T property on Church Road sold to a religious group from Valley Stream, Long Island. The Pascack Valley School is a private Christian School  affiliated with  “Brethen“ with facilities “ all over the world “.

  PVS appeared before the Airmont Village Zoning Board of Appeals [ 10/16/08 ] seeking approval for four variances to the property. Meeting was attended by approximately 100 people at the Airmont Challenger Center.. Various concerns were lighting, parking, quality of life, congestion, fencing, underground tanks and well water. Many of these items are the jurisdiction of the Planning  Board which would  meet if the ZBA approves  the variances requested.. Regarding the four variances described below, the ZBA was reluctant to make a decision and rescheduled a ZBA meeting for November 13th at 8:00PM.The following application was submitted by Attorney Ira Emanuel.

  Click here to review the application for variances.

  Zoning Board of Appeals members were Ralph Bracco, Arthur Katz, Michael Bernstein, Martin Kivell and Charles Picarelli.

  Attorney Daniel Kraushaar  represented the Village

View Meeting for Variance Application for AT&T Property!

March 28, 2008
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Bids for Valentine House Unsealed! The Rockland Journal News Article!

March 29, 2004


            Look for our Village Voice link coming soon. We welcome all comments, pro or con.  Confidentiality upon request.


September 3, 2002


  At a jam-packed Village Board meeting the Board of Trustees finally responded to citizens demands and voted 5 to 0 against the recycling application.

Obviously on the defense as a result of public pressure, John Layne read a prepared statement in an attempt to explain his previous ambivalence on the issue.

A host of speakers spoke in opposition to the issue with no one in favor. Ryan Karben took the opportunity to do a little politicking by congratulating the audience for their input. Ellen Jaffee’s husband made a statement on behalf of his wife and congratulated the Board for rejecting the proposal.While many residents took the podium, all making excellent points, former Mayor Ray Kane’s address to the Village Board was the most impressive. Trustee Joe Meyers had stated that information printed in the Community View section of the Journal News was “dirty linen”. In response, Kane identified himself as the author of the article and eloquently defended his point of view and in effect challenged the Board to refute anything he wrote. No one did. Kane further suggested that his article contributed to the public awareness of the issue. Layne did not address the touchy issue of his secret meetings with the applicants for the garbage facility.

 Saturday,August 24,2002


  In spite of the fact that the Rockland County Planning Commission and the Airmont Planning Board have voted against making  the Village the garbage Capital of Ramapo, Mayor John Layne seems to be leaning in favor of Marcel Holdings application to lift a ban on garbage transfer stations.

Layne says that he is "simply looking at the application". Nevertheless, he disagrees with the Rockland County Planning Commission’s rejection of  the garbage station. Responding to County Planning Commissioner James Yarmus comment that garbage for Airmont would undermine the Village’s Master Plan, Layne said it was normal for a village to make these changes from time to time.

Layne also said that he  "does not know" if the Village Board will vote on the application at the September 3, meeting. Passage of the application requires a  super majority  in favor. ( Four out of five ) .

Trustee Dennis Kay is opposed and Layne controls the votes of  Frumkin, Meyers and Spampinato.  Although this bodes ill for the village, here is the rub.

Former Mayor, Raymond Kane, recently  forced Layne to admit that he and Trustee Frumkin had secret meetings  with the garbage applicants. While many observers have speculated that a deal was made, it can at least be said that the appearance of impropriety certainly exists. Under these circumstances, protocol  requires that Layne and Frumkin recuse themselves from voting.

Also, Ramapo Housing Commissioner, Ralph Bracco, has reported that financial disclosure documents reveal that another Layne devotee, Trustee Joe Meyers, received campaign contributions from Millennium Recycling, a sister company of Marcel.

If  proper procedure is followed, Layne, Frumkin and Meyers would not vote. 

Voila! A super majority is not possible. Not even a majority.

Editor’s note: There are presently three other garbage transfer stations in Rockland County.


Tuesday, August 13, 2002


Former Village Trustee, Charles Calotta and his wife Lydia were in a tragic automobile accident yesterday on the Tappan Bridge. Mr. Calotta is in critical condition in Nyack Hospital. Lydia Calotta was killed. Accident occurred when their vehicle collided with a truck.  Mr. Calotta is a member of Veterans of Foreign Wars. He was awarded the Bronze Star for his actions during World War Two.



Monday,August 12, 2002

In the stunning admission, John Layne admitted having secret meetings with the applicants for the garbage processing facility on Airmont Road near the Senior Citizen Housing Development. 

Obviously upset by intense questioning from former Mayor Raymond Kane, Layne admitted having these meetings while he was a Village Trustee.  Layne also implicated Trustee Arnie Frumkin, however, Mr. Frumkin refused to comment.  Layne also admitted that he kept these meetings secret from then Mayor Ray Kane and other trustees. 

The garbage processing facility has enormous implications for Airmont as hundreds of garbage trucks from areas outside of the village would converge on our streets on a daily basis.

Planning Board Chairman, Dennis Cohen, Layne’s appointee, has expressed interest in the zone change application.  Call Village Hall for a schedule of meetings regarding this subject.

In an angry response to a question from Ramapo Housing Commissioner, Ralph Bracco, Layne also admitted firing Planning Board Clerk, Marceda Proesch.  Layne refused to provide details of her dismissal. 

Other business on the agenda included an announcement of a lawsuit by the Hasidic applicants for a 19 acre Housing and Dormitory complex on Hillside Avenue.  Attorney for the Hasidics is Liam McLaughlin. 

Can Dennis Lynch be far behind?

Thursday,August 1, 2002

Tired of three or four people deciding how to spend your money? Want to know why your village taxes are so high? Does John Layne deserve seventeen thousand dollars a year for attending a few meetings?  Not to mention numerous ( perks } weekend trips for “village business”.

Schedule for remaining village board meetings for 2002:

August 12, September 3rd and 23rd, October 7th and 21st, November 4th and 18th and December 2nd.

Meetings are at 8:00 pm.

Significant issues pending:  

Garbage transfer plant in Airmont. [two hundred garbage trucks a day rolling thru our village].

Hasidic application to build dormitories and apartments on nineteen acres on Hillside ave.

Stop and Shop developers planning new strategy?

Too late now but Layne and his buddies extended the terms of village offices to four years. Next election is critical.




Thursday,July 18, 2002

On June 27,2002 the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of school vouchers. That is the good news for parents.  The bad news is that the vouchers will not be available to parents in New York any time soon. Opposition from teachers unions and politicians will likely block implementation for years.

The case reached the Supreme Court after the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of appeals ruled the program unconstitutional.

The majority ruling decided by Chief Justice Rehnquist and Justices Sandra Day O’Connor, Antonin Scalia, Anthony Kennedy and Clarence Thomas.

Dissenting were Justices Stevens, Souter, Ginsberg and Breyer.



Monday,July 15, 2002

In a surprise appearance about 40 members of "Concerned Citizens of Airmont" descended on the Airmont Village Board of Trustees to express their concern regarding the continuing overbuilding of multiple dwelling units, poor planning in general and lack of concern for "open space" in the Village.

Mayor John Layne and the Village Board, obviously caught off guard by the barrage of questions, struggled to convince the group that there was no reason for concern. Mr. Layne’s bottom line was that things were "worse in other villages". A Carpenter Lane resident reminded the board that the village was formed to maintain the residential nature of the area. Some of the issues addressed by the attendees were the plans for a garbage transfer station next to the planned Senior Citizen complex adjoining Wal Mart, the dormitory application on Hillside Avenue and the lack of information regarding the Stop N Shop plans for construction next to the Bank of New York. 

Several Annette Lane Residents objected to the presence of surveyors on their property and resented the fact that they were not informed of the purpose of this activity.

When questioned about their position on the Hasidic application to build dormitories and apartments on 19 acres in a residential zone (on Hillside Avenue ) the Mayor and Trustees refused to answer.

The next Village Board meeting is scheduled for August 12. Most Village Board meetings are sparsely attended.



Monday, 24, 2002

 Airmont Planning Board rejected a proposal for 172 unit housing project and Yeshiva planned for a 19 acre site on Hillside Ave. Meeting was held at the Ramapo Town Hall Monday night. With several hundred people in attendance Planning Board Chairman Dennis Cohen called for a vote on the issue. Voting against the application were Chairman Dennis Cohen, Board members Doug Whipple, Ned Kugel and Ed Kennedy. Ad hoc board member Jack Blumenthal abstained from the voting later explaining that "I am not sure I am against it". Attorney Dennis Lynch represented the Hasidic applicant. 

Ironically, Dennis Lynch brilliantly defended the Village and  the Trustees in the original Airmont civil rights lawsuit brought by the Hasidics. ( For story press U.S. vs. Airmont)    



Friday, June 21, 2002

State hearing examiners refused to schedule hearings in September for the American National Power Company’s permit to build an 1100 megawatt gas-fired electric generating plant in the Torne Valley.

The bottom line is the ANP has to submit information on the way it plans to protect the rattlesnake habitat , reduce small particulate emissions and stormwater runoff.



Tuesday, 18, 2002

In spite of the fact that Airmont’s zoning laws prohibit garbage transfer stations in the Village, a zone change may be on the agenda. A request is scheduled to come before the Design Review Committee, tentatively scheduled for July 1, 2002. Although Mayor John Layne has kept this news quiet a request for the garbage facility was made in May by MarCel Holdings Inc. Garbage would be processed off Airmont Rd. next to the NYS Thruway and close to the Senior Citizens housing projects presently under construction near Walmart. A Planning Board hearing could be as soon as August.

*          *          *

The Monsey Jewish Center is seeking to lease a portion of its property -- on a cemetery near Hillside Ave. in Airmont-- for the construction of a funeral home. It is presently against NY State law for a funeral home to be built on a cemetery. Legislation has been introduced by Senator Thomas Morahan and Assemblyman Sam Coleman to permit this change in the law. The funeral home would be close to a nineteen acre site in Airmont that has been proposed for construction of a Yeshiva , 172 residential units which would accommodate 400 to 600 residents and various other structures. This project is planned to be constructed on the north side of Hillside Ave. 1700 ft. west of Saddle River Road.

Note: In 1983 the Church of the Nazarene was denied a similar application on the same parcel of land.

*          *          *

At a meeting of the Airmont Village Board ( Tuesday, June 18th. ) John Layne and three of his trustees voted to extend the term of office of Mayor and Village Board members from two years to four years. This resolution was vigorously opposed by Trustee Dennis Kay who threatened a petition drive to allow the voters a voice in this matter. Also opposed was former Mayor Ralph Bracco who called Mister Layne’s extension of terms as self serving. Layne supporters for term extensions were Trustees Meyers, Frumkin and Spampinato. Meyers made a lengthy speech basically stating that four year terms would protect the Village Board from their opponents "bickering".




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